Control and influence the thought agenda in your marketspace.

Once you have a marketing strategy in place and a team to carry it out, we’ll support your marketing communications programme in engaging your target audiences. Buyers have have switched off from conventional forms of advertising and promotion. At the same time business products and services have become virtualised – making them harder to grasp and understand. In order to sell effectively and differentiate your proposition, you need to engage and educate your key audiences, influence the debate in your industry sector, and message to position yourself for maximum competitive advantage.

Content marketing. We have proprietary techniques for content generation, tested in in action, that will help you produce valuable, relevant, quality content to drive engagement and profitable customer action. And we can skill your team up in content marketing and use of social media.
Thought leadership. Lead the debate, educate you customers, and position yourself as a trusted strategic partner for your customers. We’ll help you with a concerted programme of communications and events to engage and influence buyers and other stakeholders.


  • Content strategy
  • Content generation
  • Writing & editing
  • Blog, articles, white papers, etc.
  • Event design, facilitation and presentation
  • Mentoring
  • Board attendance


  • Fast response to new challenges and opportunities
  • Continual renewal of marcomms energy and messaging
  • Analysis of results and refocusing
  • Regular market intelligence
  • ‘Critical friend’ insights